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Welcome to Rosewood Vintage Guitars.

      Whether you're visiting our website or our home store in Sharon, Pa., (It’s a painted lady Victorian circa 1800s) we welcome you to spend some time browsing our inventory and meeting some of our finest pieces. I'm Tom Sed, an owner of Rosewood and your "tour guide". As a long time guitar player (did the band thing, the lesson thing, the road thing) I've designed Rosewood to focus on vintage guitars, mandolins, and banjos from quality makers. Though some of our inventory is of more recent vintage, we’re not a store that focuses on “new” instruments.
     In our online store you'll find a listing of ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC GUITARS, MANDOLINS, and BANJOS. We’re gonna play the other ODDBALL category "by ear” so to speak. This website is kept current so you don’t have to question if an instrument is still in stock. If it’s on the website, we have it in the store and it’s available for purchase. We've captured each image with the intent of showing you the most accurate of colors and to show off each piece's beauty. And believe me, they are beauties. If there is any mark, any scratch, anything you need to know about, not only will it be photographed, it’s also been accurately described so you know exactly the condition of each piece. I have personally played each instrument before listing it (one of my job perks), and comment on each one in the item's description.
     If you're visiting our store in Sharon, we encourage you to sit down and play. We have plenty of instruments to choose from and welcome you to spend time trying them out. Individual sound areas are available if you prefer some privacy, or come sit in the parlor and pick awhile. We're happy to introduce you to our instruments and even happier when we hear them being played. If you're looking for something particular, tell us what it is and we'll help you find it. I've spent much time searching out my own collection (I've been playing since I was 7 years old) and would readily help you build yours.
     Further into the website you'll find my blog, where I'll share my thoughts about a particular guitar, artist, band, CD etc. and I invite you to share your thoughts with me. Tell me what you think, or make suggestions on other topics you'd like to blog about.
     To sum it up: "Our mission at Rosewood Vintage Guitars is to match gently played, beautiful instruments, each with their own histories and still offering a lifetime of enjoyment, with good homes.  To us, good homes are those that appreciate music and recognize the beauty vintage instruments hold.  And if the house is full of music, well, that's even better.
     In either case, we're just glad you're visiting Rosewood - we're honored to have you as our guests.

Tom Sed

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