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Martin D-35

$1650.00 -- 2008 Martin D-35

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Martin D-35 A like-new D-35 in excellent condition.  It's got classic Martin styling with a 3-piece Indian Rosewood back and solid spruce top.  It also sports an ebony fingerboard and ivory neck binding.  It rings loud and clear and is a joy to play.  All it needs is for someone to break it in!  Comes with original HSC.

Purchase Martin D-35

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Alvarez-Yairi CY118 Classical Alvarez-Yairi CY118 Classical -- Late model Alvarez-Yairi CY118 Classical in excellent condition.  It has a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, a mahogany neck, and ebony fretboard. Scale is 25 1/2 inches and the fretboard is 2 inches at the nut.  This guitar is trul

Alvarez-Yairi WY-1K Alvarez-Yairi WY-1K -- A like-new Yairi cutaway in beautiful Hawaiian koa wood on the back, sides and top.  It's got a mahogany neck, ebony fretboard and gorgeous abalone body binding and rosette.  It also has an on-board System 600T MK II pickup. 

Dobro Duolian Bottleneck OMI Dobro Duolian Bottleneck OMI -- An exceptionally clean 1985 Metal Body Dobro Duolian Bottleneck Special.  It has a round neck and flat fingerboard.  I've played it with a slide as well as finger picked. It's got a beautiful, rich Dobro tone. The body is chrome plated bell

Dobro Gibson Hound Dog Dobro Gibson Hound Dog -- Mint condition Gibson acoustic\electric resophonic Hound Dog Dobro.  It has a Fishman pickup and has barely been played. The pickup works fine and sounds great! The nickel plated resonator is not even scratched!  It is as close to new

Dobro Model 33 Duolian Dobro Model 33 Duolian -- Rare and extra clean 1972 Dobro Model 33 Duolian.  This model was only made for one year and then became the Model 90 in 1973. It is rare in that it is the only Duolian made under the OMI banner without the etched Hawaiian theme.&

Epiphone Blackstone Archtop Epiphone Blackstone Archtop -- Epiphone Blackstone with a beautifully aged blonde finish. The label inside reads New York, New York.  Carved spruce top with f-holes, maple back and sides and rosewood fretboard.  Professionally re-fretted with original sized fret wire.&nb

Giambattista G6 Classical Giambattista G6 Classical -- Late model Giambattista G6 classical in excellent condition.  Made in France, it has a alpine spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, and an ebony fretboard.  This guitar is in like new condition. 

Gibson Hummingbird Gibson Hummingbird -- Gibson Hummingbird with beautiful Cherry Sunburst finish.  There are a few dings and scratches but overall it is in great shape.Mahogany back and sides as well as the neck.  The action is great and it's easy to play. It also has a wond

Gibson Hummingbird Custom Gibson Hummingbird Custom -- 1970 Gibson Hummingbird Custom with hard to find natural spruce top.  It was made in the Kalamazoo, Mich plant before the move to Nashville.  There are a few dings but nothing major and no splits or cracks. The finish on the top has aged to

Gibson J-160E Gibson J-160E -- Here's a real J160-E from the '60s, not a reissue.  This is the same model made famous by the Beatles and used on numerous recordings. It's got a mahogany back and sides and a 3-ply laminated plywood top.  It also has the original P-90

Gibson J-40 Gibson J-40 -- Very clean Gibson J-40 from the early 70s.  It's got a spruce top and mahogany back and sides.  There is a small split in the top that has been professionally repaired.  This one is a real boomer sound wise and has been well taken care

Gibson J-45 Gibson J-45 -- '65 Gibson J-45 in Cherry Sunburst.  We originally thought this was a natural top however the finish has faded to a beautiful amber glow with some cherry accent around the edges. There is typical checking on top and the mahogany body&n

Gibson J-45 Gibson J-45 -- 1962 Gibson J-45 in cherry sunburst.  This guitar shows the wear and tear of one that has been played a lot but is structurally sound with no cracks or splits.  The neck is straight and the action fine though the fretboard and frets are wor

Gibson L-1 Archtop Gibson L-1 Archtop -- An early 1920's Gibson L-1 archtop with Sheraton Brown finish and double soundhole rings.  The appointments date it somewhere between 1921 and 1925 which was the last year for the archtop L-1. The lower bout measures 13.5 inches a

Gibson L-4 Archtop Electric Gibson L-4 Archtop Electric -- Gorgeous Gibson L-4 Archtop electric. Sunburst Spruce top, Maple back and sides, Rosewood fretboard, Mahogany neck.  The original electronics were professionally replaced several years ago with a custom designed Kent Armstrong humbucker and

Gibson LG0 Gibson LG0 -- Beautiful Gibson LG0 from the '60's All mahogany body in excellent condition.  It has a tortoise shell pick guard and binding as well.  A great little player's guitar.  It comes with the original alligator style, soft shell c

Gibson LG1 Gibson LG1 -- Extremely clean 1964 Gibson LG1.  It has a beautiful tobacco sunburst finish on the spruce top.  The back and sides are mahogany.  In 1963 in what many believe was a cost cutting move, Gibson changed the bridges on their LG series guit

Gibson LG1 Gibson LG1 -- 1954 Gibson LG1 in tobacco sunburst.  This is the pre-plastic bridge era so the bridge is made of rosewood.  It also has the pre 1960's smaller footprint tortoise shell pickguard.  The tuners are single-line Klusons in great condition

Goya Model M-24 Goya Model M-24 -- 1964 Goya Model M-24 in a Gibson-like tobacco sunburst.  Made in Sweden, it has a solid spruce top with solid maple back and sides.The fingerboard and bridge are made of a beautifully colored rosewood.  It has binding on the top and bottom

Gretsch Eldorado Gretsch Eldorado -- Beautiful Gretsch Eldorado in Sunburst finish.  Guitar has been retrofitted with a Gretsch Filtertron humbucking pickup with volume control mounted on the side of the pick guard. This has one of the best neck actions I've seen in an old Gretsch.

Guild D25 Guild D25 -- A like-new Guild D-25 with mahogany back and sides.  This one is in great shape  and was made in Corona, California.  Easy action and fun to play.  It just needs to be broken in. Comes with original HSC

Guild D40 Guild D40 -- '66 Guild D-40 made at the Hoboken, N.J. factory.  It's got a mahogany back and sides with a beautiful amber look to the solid spruce top..  This guitar has a full, rich tone and the body is sound.  No cracks or separations.&

Guild DV52 Guild DV52 -- A pre-Fender Guild DV52 with Solid Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides.  It's also got gold Grover tuners.  It's had a Fishman Matrix pickup installed under the saddle that runs on a 9v battery.  I've played it through a PA and it h

Guild F212 12 String Guild F212 12 String -- Classic Guild 12 string made in USA.with a mahogany body and spruce top. Original except for new ivory nut and replacement machine heads that are like new with no holes showing from original tuners.  The body and neck are in excellent shape

Guild F212XL 12 String Guild F212XL 12 String -- A beautiful 1974, Made in USA, Guild F212XL 12 string in hard to find sunburst. It has a 17 inch lower bout with mahogany back and sides and a spruce top.  The bridge has been professionally reset and is solid.  The action is low and intona

Guild GAD-JF30 Guild GAD-JF30 -- A very slightly used Guild GAD-JF30 Jumbo with natural spruce top and maple sides and back.  It's a beauty and has no visible play-wear. The bridge was lifting and has been professionally repaired and is now very solid.  Classic Guild

Hernandez Grade 2 Classical Hernandez Grade 2 Classical -- Beautiful 1970 Hernandez Grade 2 Classical Guitar.  It has a Spanish Pine top, Rosewood back and sides, and a Granadillo fingerboard. The tone is beautiful and rich and it is very playable.  There is a surface scratch running along the leng

Kalamazoo KG-11 with Bellson Logo Kalamazoo KG-11 with Bellson Logo -- 1940 Kalamazoo KG-11 with Bellson logo made by Gibson.  This guitar was most likely made for Bellson Music in Minneapolis and owner Albert Bellson who was a Gibson endorser/teacher/ agent and who's brother Julius was Gibson's in-house histo

Martin 000-28 Custom with Pickup Martin 000-28 Custom with Pickup -- 2006 A beautiful 000-28 Custom Martin with rosewood back and sides and spruce top.  It's also got scalloped bracing and herringbone trim.  There is a factory installed K&K soundboard transducer pickup system including endpin jack and ex

Martin 0-15 Martin 0-15 -- This is an extra nice Martin 0-15 with mahogany body and neck and rosewood fretboard.  It also has a very rare tortoise shell headstock overlay to match it's tortoise shell pickguard. The finish is excellent showing only minor checking.  Th

Martin 0-15 Martin 0-15 -- An all original Martin 0-15.  There are no cracks, or repairs done to this guitar.  Just normal scratches and nicks as would be expected for a 50 year old guitar.  The neck is straight and the action great. It has a grat loud tone

Martin D-18 Martin D-18 -- Martin D-18 in excellent condition.  Just a few small dings on the top and back.  The mahogany body gives it that distinctive treble ring versus the D-28's deeper rosewood tone when played. Comes with original HSC

Martin D-18 Martin D-18 -- A near mint condition Martin D-18.  This guitar was purchased from another dealer and has only seen light demo usage.  It plays beautifully and is hardly broken in. It's got a solid Sitka spruce top with a Rosewood fingerboard and

Martin D-28 Martin D-28 -- A beautiful Martin D-28 in mint condition.  Never gigged and kept in a humidity controlled environment.  It's got that rich rosewood tone when played. This one was babied and is just waiting for someone to break it in right. Comes with

Martin D-28 Martin D-28 -- Here is a seasoned 1980 D-28 with a gorgeous tone and a body in excellent shape.  The original tuners have been replaced with Grover locking tuners and it really stays in tune.  It has a few dings and a small crack where the pickguard

Martin D-28 Martin D-28 -- Here's a D-28 that has spent it's life as a studio guitar.  It is in near mint condition with that beautiful rich yellow\brown look of a vintage Martin.  Great action with a beautiful tone and very few scratches.  On it's way to b

Martin D-28 Martin D-28 -- Like new 2010 Martin D-28.  Indian rosewood back and sides and a natural spruce top.  The only marks on it at all are scratches on the pick guard.  It plays and sounds wonderful.  Comes with original hard shell case.

Martin D-28\12 12 String Martin D-28\12 12 String -- Beautiful Martin D28\12 12 string in near mint condition.  Solid spruce top and Rosewood back and sides. There is a very small finish bruise on the top but barely visible.  The action is set low but does not buzz. Perfect for 12-string play

Martin D-35 Martin D-35 -- Martin D-35.  Formerly a bluegrass picker's guitar.  Played enough to show some wear but have that deep, rich, "Old Martin" sound. The neck was set up professionally for quick, smooth action and re-fretted about three years a

Martin HD-28 Martin HD-28 -- A beautiful Martin HD 28.  Herringbone binding, rosewood back and sides with a spruce top.  This guitar has a beautiful tone when played due to scalloped bracing.  It shows very little wear.  A few scratches on the

National Bluegrass 35 Res-O-Glas National Bluegrass 35 Res-O-Glas -- A hard to find 1963-64 National Bluegrass 35 Res-O-Glas resonator guitar in Arctic White.  It has a fiberglass body and a single cone resonator with Kluson deluxe tuners.  It is all original with the exception of the headstock logo which is

National Duolian C-Series Round Neck Metal Body National Duolian C-Series Round Neck Metal Body -- Vintage National Duolian round neck steel body with original Frosted Duco green finish. The headstock is slotted and stamped with serial number C1906 making it a 1931 or '32. The machine heads are original.  It has a newer cone and wit

Oahu Style 51 Flattop Oahu Style 51 Flattop -- An Oahu Style 51 Flat top. Specific year of production is hard to determine on these guitars but the model and serial number 20527 put it somewhere in the 1930s.  It has a Brazilian rosewood back and sides with a spruce top. 

Ovation 1112 Custom Balladeer Ovation 1112 Custom Balladeer -- A really clean '82 Ovation Custom Balladeer with spruce top and natural finish.  It's Made in the USA and and has a nice deep, rich tone.  The bridge has been professionally replaced and made to match the original. It has some minor dings a

Ovation Artist Ovation Artist -- Check out this near mint Ovation Artist.  This is one of the cleanest 30+ year old guitars of any kind I've seen.  Just a few small finish checks.  No dings at all.  It's got some very moderate fret wear on the 1st two frets. 

Ovation CE 868 Custom Elite USA Ovation CE 868 Custom Elite USA -- Ovation Custom Elite with Cherry burst finish made is USA.  This is an acoustic electric shallow-bowl model and is in excellent condition.  It is equipped with the Optima/OP preamp system.  A great solo performance guitar at an af

Stella H929 "No-name" Stella H929 "No-name" -- Late 50's Stella H-929 in rare Cherry Sunburst.  These little budget Stellas have built up a following due to their very distinctive, woodsy tone from the solid birch body.  Perfect for old time blues and slide.  A small parlor guitar,

Taylor 510-L9 Custom Shop Taylor 510-L9 Custom Shop -- A near-mint Taylor 510-L9 Custom Shop.  A one-owner guitar played sparingly at home, it's as close to new as you can get.  The top is Engelman spruce and it's got mahogany back and sides. It's a beautiful guitar with great tone just needing

Taylor 710 Taylor 710 -- Very clean Taylor 710 Dreadnought.  Solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides and an ebony fretboard.  There is a noticeable scratch above the pickguard but it is not a crack.  Otherwise this guitar is a real beauty and sounds great! C

Yamaha CGX171-CCA Classical Electric Cutaway Yamaha CGX171-CCA Classical Electric Cutaway -- Late model Yamaha CGX171-CCA Classical\Electric Cutaway in excellent condition.  It features a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, and a nato neck with ebony fretboard.  Electronics include a preamp with condensor mic and piezo p


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